WVU Awarded IMBA Trail Accelerator Grant!

The third round of Trail Accelerator grants in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and West Virginia range from site-specific bike park plans to city-wide trail systems. Several locations are seeking more beginner-friendly trails to make their trail systems more accessible and complement existing intermediate and advanced trail offerings. See more detail on individual projects below.

“We are so excited about being awarded the IMBA Trail Accelerator grant for Morgantown. We have world-class whitewater and rock climbing here, but our mountain biking trails are mostly technical. We’re excited to use this grant toward building more accessible trails. We plan to engage students, faculty, staff, and community in the project. We want to use this project as one of the catalysts to continue to grow the outdoor economy in West Virginia,” said Greg Corio, Assistant Dean, Strategic Youth Development Initiatives, West Virginia University.

Link to Press Release Below:


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