2020 Review, 2021 Plans, and some goodies

MAMBA President John Herod III catches some air last summer – Photo credit to Boyce McCoy

Greetings MAMBA members!
This newsletter contains a review of our 2020 activities, some special info (including a discount!), a link to a survey so we can better get to know your priorities, and a few of our goals for 2021. Read on and ride on!
Take the 2021 Priorities Survey

Amidst the calamity and uncertainty of the past year, we’ve worked hard for you and the Morgantown mountain bike scene. Here’s what we’ve been up to in our inaugural year.
We chartered the business, finalized a solid set of bylaws, tested Gary Rodosta’s patience when designing our awesome logo (thanks a million, Gary!), formed the IMBA chapter, created a website, and established a strong social media presence.
We conducted a series of low-key trail maintenance days to clear vegetation and maintain White Park’s Blue Loop – thanks specifically to Colin and Andrew for coordinating!
We’ve worked as advisors to various local trail planning initiatives, setting up expanded, future MTB access in Morgantown and ensuring a seat at the table in 2021 and beyond.

YOU GIVE US THE STRENGTH: No fewer than seventy-five of you committed your dollars to secure eighty-seven memberships, giving MAMBA a projected annual budget of at least $3,500. You’re from Monongalia County and beyond – Preston, Marion, Harrison, and Upshur counties, too. You’re even out into Garrett County, MD and Allegheny County, PA! Thank you for supporting this organization and mountain biking in Morgantown. We couldn’t be more humbled.

Some housekeeping and a small surprise…
First, a dozen or so t-shirts are left over from our Spring membership drive promo. If you want to grab another, or if you joined after the promo but want a shirt: call down to Pathfinder, speak to Andy, and see what sizes we’ve got left! We’re looking for a $20 donation to MAMBA per shirt, cash or check.
Lastly, thanks to our pals out at Big Bear Lake Trail Center, MAMBA members receive an exclusive discount on 2021 season passes… the typical $30 fee is just $20 for you! If you are a MAMBA member, check for this message in your email for the discount code!

In 2021, we’ve got more than a few things we want to do. We plan to take advantage of our insurance and host outdoor, small group member events* like:
-Publicized trail maintenance days
-Group ride/work combos
-Beginner rider/skills clinics
-Trail tool demos and workshops (The first from Stihl!)
Stay tuned…
*Following all CDC and local health department guidelines!

We’re aiming to adopt a local park or two. We want measurable progress on trail development and rider access to key private properties to improve connectivity. We want to see the formalization of trail maintenance programs. We’re going to address trail user conflicts in a cooperative manner and work to improve the sustainability of our existing shared assets. We’re going to ramp up our communications and social media.On the latter, consider this our first of a bi-monthly or quarterly MAMBA newsletter. We know a lot of you have been wondering what MAMBA is up to, so we want to keep you more regularly informed.

A Final Plug for the Survey: We’re here to serve you and the greater MTB community. What would YOU prioritize in 2021? Complete the questionnaire below to let us know. We can’t wait to hear from you! C’mon, click here to give us your two cents

On behalf of the board, and with all our most sincere thanks and excitement,
Drew Gatlin, Secretary of the Board

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